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Upcoming Projects

Most of our profit is reinvested in projects aiming to enhance and protect our beautiful biodiversity

As you are aware, protecting our wildlife is not an easy thing to do. There are so many things involved... protecting natural habitats, reducing our waste, cutting down our water and energy consumption, creating new laws, saying no to single-use plastic, recycling, buying second hand, changing our food habits, switching to public transport...

We can easily feel demotivated, powerless and unable to cope with the magnitude of the problem. This is why we created a business model that:

  • gives the right tool to people to take part in the fight for a better future, and 

  • reinvests most of the profit in projects aiming to protect wildlife and natural habitats.

The money spent by our customers also funds the development of these upcoming projects:

Interested in joining or investing in one of these projects? 

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