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Our vision is to have people of different ages, social and cultural backgrounds working together to resolve environmental issues that impact their local community. We want to empower people to find their own place in the fight for a better future and help them to bring back healthy and abundant wild animal and plant populations in their neighbourhood. Wild Dwellers is connecting people to undertake little activities with a great impact on our planet.

Project  Co-creation

Do you have a project or idea that you believe could significantly improve your local wild plant and animal species? We want to hear more about it and work collaboratively with you to bring this idea to life.

Consulting Services

We are providing a wide range of consulting services to help to track and reduce environmental impacts in your community.       To find out more, get in touch.

Workshop and Event

We are doing various nature-related workshops and events to empower everyone to find their own place in the fight for a better future. Contact us today to hear more about our next events and/or co-create one.

Services : Services
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