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Start our rewilding adventure today with the Rewilding Pack.


This pack offer you the possibility to turn your outdoor area into a natural habitat for your favourite local fauna species.


This pack includes: 

  • six, eight or ten plants native from your local area (chose your pack size)
  • a soil regenerator kit (all the tools and materials you need to bring back your soil to life)
  • a booklet explaining the steps to follow and providing some tips to maximise the outcomes of your efforts.


Select your favourite wildlife habitat amongst the three options available:

  • Grassland option - beautiful wildflowers and grasses selection for a low vegetation height habitat.
  • Shrubland option - a selection of native shrubs and ground layer species for a medium vegetation height habitat
  • Woodland option - a selection of canopy and understorey layer species for a woody ambience in your garden.


Our ecologist will carefully select the indigenous plant species based on the information you will provide us. 

The Rewilding Pack

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