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No more dehydrated outdoor or indoor plants with the self-watering DIY pack!


This pack include all the necessary elements to construct your own Oyas/self-watering system, including:

  • recycled Terracotta pot(s) 
  • all the tools and material required to improve the porosity of your pot and seal it properly
  • a booklet explaining the steps to follow and pitfalls to be avoided.


Different sizes are available to feat the watering need of your planting (a single plant in a pot to a large veggie patch or nature strip). Available sizes include:

  • Small - ideal for a single plant in a pot
  • Medium - ideal for multiple plants in a garden bed or a planter box)
  • Large - ideal for a larger veggie patch or nature strip


This self-watering system can be used on any type of plant (Australian native, exotic, edible, etc.)


My self-watering DIY pack

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