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You have the power to change the future.

All of our projects are designed to suit various needs, skills and desires of the community. We are a Social Enterprise, which means that we give most of our profits to other

non-for-profits organisations. 

Due to the COVID restrictions currently applying in Victoria, we decided to turn our workshops into DIY packs to enable you to keep saving the planet while keeping your community safe. 


Do you want to become a Wild Hero? Select your favourite DIY pack and start giving a hand to nature today!

Our DIY packs


I want my street to become a wildlife corridor

Do you want to see your favourite local wildlife species making their home again in your neighbourhood? Book your DIY pack today!


You don’t necessarily need to be a wildlife specialist, be rich or have a large outdoor space. Your motivation and energy will be more than enough to make a difference! 


Everyone. There is no age limit. 

What is included?

  • a one/one online meeting or phone chat to discuss your initiative and capture all the information required. We will help you to chose the flora species the most adapted to your location and project.

  • a DIY pack including all the plants and materials required (tools are not included)

  • a one/one online meeting or phone chat to follow up on the progress of your nature strip/garden and answer all the questions you might have.


How much?

We offer a wide range of DIY packs to fit your nature strip/garden bed size and your prefered habitat type (bushy, grassland, or even a bushfood garden!).


Free local delivery! 

Find more information about wildlife corridors in our last article "Wildlife Corridors... What is that?!"

Register your interest now to receive further information on this pack and be the first one to turn your street into a wildlife corridor!

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